Our puppies are fed Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy food. I am happy to help you make a decision on food for your puppy as a good diet is very important for your growing puppy. Basset puppies need the right amount of Calcium, phosphorus and fat as they are a large breed puppy and their growth rate can affect their long term joint health.

How many times a day do you feed your puppy? 

I feed the puppies 3x a day ( a lot of the time there is still food some almost free choice) 
I recommend continuing 3x a day until 12 weeks or even 6 months if possible and then 2x a day after that. 
Bassets are known for eating too quickly and developing a dangerous condition called Bloat. This has not been a issue here, however, to help prevent this you can use a slow feeding bowl when they get a bit older.

What Kind of Treats

This is really up to you. I like the Zukes training treats. I also feed liver treats. They are small have healthy ingredients and they love them.  I also feed Dynamo Functional Tummy and Skin and Coat

What Kind of Toys and Bones

Do not give your young puppies rawhide or pigs ears. They are not easily digestible. I give my puppies bullsticks to chew on. They also love the Yak Milk ( cheese) bones I give my dogs and puppies the Churpi Durka organic ones.They do not break down into pieces and they love them. They also love cow hooves stuffed with salmon. For toys at first those stuffless squeaky toys are great. 

Collars VS Harness

I personally do not like the harnesses as it is just too much or an ordeal to get on. However, I know a lot of families that love them. I use different collars to walk my dogs than there every day collars. They are nylon with a small choker chain section on them. They work awesome and I don't use anything else. DO NOT let you basset pull you this is an avoidable behavior. Your puppy will need a collar approx. 12-15 inches
If it is a really petite puppy you will need to go a bit smaller.

I send your puppy with a blanket that smells like home. However, they love a dog bed. 


Because your puppy is growing and you ideally do not want a crate way to big you may have a couple different crates. The size that I use for my puppies is approx. 25-27 inches long X 17-19 inches wide X 16-18 inches High
I prefer the ones that have covered sides. However, I know a lot of families that use the wire ones and just put a blanket over top. 
Again I am happy to help you in this decision if you have any questions.

Other Misc Supplies

Pee pads if you choose to use them for the fist week or so
Enzyme cleaner for potty accident clean up 
There are these really neat stakes you can buy that have a scent that encourage puppy to pee same as the scented pee pads ( something to consider)
A tag with name and phone number as not everyone knows to check for a microchip should your hound get lost. 
Puppy Wipes for muddy paws ect..

Ear Cleaning

I do not use ear wipes anymore. I feel they encourage yeast growth. I use a bit of white vinegar with water on a paper towel. This works great. You can also buy Malaceptic ear cleaner though good it is pricey and I think a bit hard to find. I buy it a G and E pharmacy.
Ears really only need to be cleaned when needed. I can't say how often as it depends on your dog. 

Shampoos and Brushes

The Furrminator shampoo and brush keeps shedding to a minimum when done monthly. I do not recommend Furrminator until they are 6 months of age and bathing should be kept to a minimum if possible. Once a month max, less is better. I use a gentle puppy shampoo until then.

A List of most Common Questions and Supplies for taking your new puppy home