Adopting a Puppy From Us

We start a wait list as soon as we have the next litter of puppies planned. Once we have a successful mating we accept a $200 deposit from families that wish to hold a puppy. I try to keep all families informed as the pregnancy progresses. I send out an email after any ultrasounds and xrays and sometimes post the pictures on our website. 

Once the puppies are born I try to send out an announcement and post some photos as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that often I have been a few nights without sleep and mommas are not always keen on having me take their puppies away to take photos in the first few days. Once we determine there is a puppy for your family I ask for a $300 payment.
I do my best to take photos weekly and post them online. This takes some time as I have to get the puppies to cooperate and then load, crop and upload them to the website. 

Once the puppies are 4-6 weeks old I have the families pick their puppies order of deposit and then in order in which they had their name added to the list. We do our best to match puppies with their perfect family. At this time I ask for an $1000  payment then the remaining  when they are ready to go home. You are welcome to pick by photos and videos and my personality advice on puppies.

When visiting our farm please ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GO TO ANOTHER BREEDER, KENNEL, PET STORE, RESCUE, SPCA OR DOG PARK before coming to our home. This is extremely important as there are all sorts of illness that can be very dangerous to the puppies on your shoes ect.... they do not have immunity to these until 12 weeks of age. Washing your hands is not enough......
When scheduling visits I try to keep my schedule flexible. I know you are excited about visiting and I want you to feel good about your choice to adopt one of our puppies. I book visits for an hour. 
This is after years of breeding and this seems to work best. I leave time in between for the mommas and puppies to have a break.  The moms rarely will nurse puppies when there are visitors. Please try to understand that if there are 9 puppies that is 9 hours of visitors.  
We are a family breeder, I have 2 kids at home and my son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is a our crazy busy household.

****Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic we are limiting Visits at this time typically we are not doing visits ***

Our puppies are raised around our family and other dogs. They are inside and outside depending on their age. I have them well started on dog door training when they leave. When we are not home when they are older ( 5-6weeks) they are inside and outside access and they follow mom outside and get the idea of a clean house. 

This has went a long way to making your job easier. 

At 7 weeks our babies go for their vet check and first set of vaccines. 

I will send you each an update on how this went with their weights. 

Your puppy will come with a microchip, and 6 weeks free pet insurance.  Your limited CKC registration papers will be mailed to you after you take your puppy home.

Our puppies are $3300 +GST
I also send the puppies home with a blanket that smells like home & a puppy care package.